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Fulton Chiropractor Gets Rave Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Fulton Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact our Fulton office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,,
Dr. Jerry Radas

Needed Adjustment During Pregnancy

“I began chiropractic care when I was about 3 months pregnant. Aside from being pregnant, I also had posture problems and tension in my shoulders. Being adjusted regularly allowed me to be extremely comfortable throughout the pregnancy. My weight gain was minimal and I had very few physical complaints. Chiropractic care also affected my labor and delivery. Labor lasted for about 6 hours and was tolerable up until the last 2 hours. Pain was controlled with breathing alone, no medications. I delivered a healthy baby girl at 6 pounds 8 ounces! My recovery was very fast and virtually pain free. I attribute the ease of the entire process to my own increased health – thanks to chiropractic. I recommend chiro-care during pregnancy to every woman I know! It feels wonderful. And now that the pregnancy and delivery are completed, we are focusing more intensely on my posture. I already feel improvements!”


Neck Pain and Stiffness

“I was referred to Dr. Radas by my personal trainer because of neck pain & stiffness. I was unable to perform certain positions in strength training. We have seen an improvement in my ability to strengthen my arms overhead. I am sleeping better and my range of motion has improved. I will continue my commitment to Dr. Radas’ program and care.”

-Ryan 5/19/11

Have My Life Back!

“Since starting treatment I’ve been able to do more of the things I want to do, plus the things I don’t – wash dishes, sit through lectures, sit for longer periods of time and focus better. My quality of sleep has improved, my asthma is almost non-existent and my general health has improved overall. I am able to volunteer for things that require lifting, bending, crawling and crouching. I’ve been able to meet all my requirements for completing school and having my dream career. All of this would have been extremely difficult without my adjustments.”


Back Pain

“IMPROVEMENT is the key word for my story. There is a lot of improvement with my pain in the back lumbar region. And it has been a journey of learning a lot about the steps that I can take to lessen it. Thanks to Dr. Jerry Radas, his chiropractic treatment has helped me to recover a great deal and at the same time discover a lot about what means and measures to take on the road to recovery.”


Car Accident

“I got in a car accident on 10/19/10 and my neck and upper back were both out of alignment and extremely sore. I came for chiropractic treatment 3x a week for 4 weeks and my neck and back are both back to normal and I no longer have any pain!”

-Sarah 11/10/11

Plantar Fascitis

“Dr. Radas has been working on my neck and back. I also have foot problems (plantar fasciitis). I realized the other night that I have not had to wear my foot night splints in more than a month! And my feet are feeling better than ever. Everything is connected!”

-Brandon 8/16/10

Less Pain!

“I have noticed much less pain in my lower back, particularly during my 2nd pregnancy compared to my 1st.”

-Monica C. 6/13/11

Great Care

“Thanks to Dr. Radas, I was able to clean out my greenhouse that had been neglected for about six years! It has been impossible to do so much work without great back pain for several days afterward. Thankfully, my back was only tired and a little achey. Ice fixed that up and I was able to substitute the next day and exercise at Curves. Hooray for Dr. Radas and his great care!”

-D.L. 9/22/09

No More Knee Pain

“One thing I noticed was that I no longer have knee pain every time it rains. I overstretched it many years ago and would have excruciating pain before and during rainfall. Now I don’t experience it. What has changed? Seeing Dr. Radas!”


So Grateful!

“I feel like I am getting my life back! Thanks to Dr. Radas, I was able to go horseback riding! I am so grateful. I am gaining more confidence in my physical abilities. Thank you so much, Dr. Radas.”

-D.L. 10/26/09

Feeling Normal Again!

“In 4 weeks, Dr. Radas’ treatment for my lower back pain allowed me to return to normal functionality. I am forever in his debt and a believer in the need to maintain regular treatments/adjustments to remain healthy and pain free!”

-K.A. 11/3/09

Headaches Gone!

“I had residual pain from an epidural during child birth. My adjustments have eased the pain.  I do not suffer from headaches or TMJ anymore. I stand taller & straighter and sleep better!”


Severe Joint disease

“I am a believer in chiropractic – I have been a regular for nearly a decade and I think it has kept me walking without any painkillers. I have come from a family with severe joint disease, 2 siblings have had knee replacements, one had rheumatoid arthritis and the remainders of us are all afflicted with osteoarthritis. And at 72 years with all my joints intact and on no prescription medication, I owe it all to Dr. Jerry’s magical hands and chiropractic.”

-Shirley B. 11/18/09

Minimal Aches and Pains

“While under chiropractic care my headaches have decreased in both frequency and intensity. Throughout my pregnancy I have had minimal back aches or pain. I have felt good overall and I attribute that in part to chiropractic care.”

-Kelly S. 5/31/11

Dr. Jerry Radas
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